West Side Story - 2004

program cover

The UCLA Music Theater Workshop

West Side Story

Based on a Conception of Jerome Robbins

Book by Arthur Laurents
Music by Leonard Bernstein
Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Entire Original Production Directed and Choreographed by Jerome Robbins

Originally Produced on Broadway by
Robert E. Griffith and Harold S. Prince

January 23, 24, 30, 31, 2004 at 8pm
January 25, 31 at 3pm
Schoenberg Hall, UCLA

Produced & Directed by
John Hall

Scenic Design
Robert Deman

Costume Design
Yoli Bennett
Lighting Design
Eileen Cooley

Music Direction
Daniel Cummings

Carlos Jones


Act One

In the Prologue we see the escalating tension between two rival teen-age gangs, the 'American' Jets and the Puerto Rican Sharks, erupt into violence. Warned by the police, the Jets still feel that a confrontation to decide who owns the streets. The Sharks feel certain of victory especially if they can convince Tony, who helped start the Jets, to join them (Jet Song). Their leader Riff, who has lived with Tony and his family, persuades Tony to join the gang at the dance at the gym that evening where the challenge to the Sharks will take place. Tony agrees even though he seems to have outgrown the gang and is looking forward to another chapter in his life (Something's Coming).

We meet the young Puerto Rican girl and her best friend Anita at a bridal shop where they work. Maria is thrilled to be attending her first dance since she arrived in New York City. Her brother Bernardo, who leads the Sharks, has brought her to America to marry his friend Chino. That night at the gym, the social worker Gladhand tries to get the two gangs to mix with each other but his efforts are in vain (The Dance at the Gym). Tony, arriving to support Riff and the Jets, sees Maria. They are immediately drawn to each other and while dancing together they kiss. Bernardo sees this as an act of warfare and he agrees to meet Riff and the Jets to settle things with a rumble. Tony can only focus on the beautiful young girl and sings of his love for her (Maria) as the gangs leave. Later, Tony spies Maria out on the fire escape of her apartment. Ignoring the danger, the two declare their love for each other (Balcony Scene) and plan to meet the next day at the Bridal shop. Bernardo and the Sharks return from the dance. Still angry with Maria and "that Pollack" he is teased by Anita who rejects the old fashioned values of Puerto Rico for the freedom of life in her new country (America).

Preparing for their war council with the Jets at Doc's Drugstore, Riff tries to contain his gang's mounting excitement (Cool). When the Sharks arrive the meeting quickly escalates to full out warfare with Tony trying to calm both gangs. A fistfight between the two is decided upon and the arrival of Lieutenant Schrank stops any further negotiations. Doc learns that his young employee has fallen in love with a Puerto Rican girl and worries for their safety.

The next day at the Bridal shop, Tony arrives and Anita warns the couple to be careful. Maria warns Tony to try to stop any fighting between the Sharks and Jets and he agrees. The two lovers playfully begin a mock courtship and pretend wedding that turns into a serious declaration of their deep feelings for each other (One Hand, One Heart). We see the different groups prepare for the evening (Tonight). But later, when Tony tries to stop the fighting, Riff is killed by Bernardo. In a rage, Tony kills Bernardo and the gangs split when Police sirens are heard (The Rumble).

Act Two

Unaware of the fighting, Maria happily prepares for her escape with Tony. Her girlfriends tease her (I Feel Pretty) and leave with the arrival of Chino. When Maria realizes that the rumble has taken place and that her brother has been killed she can only think of Tony. Chino takes Bernardo's gun and leaves to find Tony. When Tony climbs into Maria's room the despair of the young lovers turns to a dream sequence where they can live peacefully (Dream Sequence and Somewhere).

Shaken by the results if the rumble, the Jets avoid being taken to the station house by the police and play act all their frustrations of being labeled delinquents and misfits (Officer Krupke).

Anita comes to tell Maria about the rumble and discovers that Maria has been hiding Tony. With fury she lashes out about the murderer of her lover (A Boy Like That). Maria answers that all she knows is that she loves Tony and that she must follow her heart (I Have A Love). When Lieutenant Schrank arrives to interrogate Maria, Anita agrees to go to Doc's to warn Tony that Chino is looking to kill him.

When Anita arrives at the Drugstore, the Jets keep her from seeing Tony and cruelly rebuff her efforts to help. Shaken, she turns on them and says that Chino has found out about Maria and Tony and has killed Maria. When Doc tells Tony what Anita has said he rushes out into the night screaming for Chino to kill him too. Rushing to find Tony, Maria sees him but, too late. Chino shoots Tony and he dies in Maria's arms.

Musical Numbers

The action takes place in the West Side of New York City during the last days of summer, 1956.

Act One

Prologue: The Neighborhood

Scene One: The Street
“Jet Song”
Riff, Jets

Scene Two: A Back Yard
“Something’s Coming”

Scene Three: A Bridal Shop Workroom
Scene Four: The Gym
“Dance at the Gym”

Scene Five: A Back Alley

Balcony Scene
Maria, Tony

Anita, Bernardo, Sharks

Scene Six: Doc’s Drugstore
Riff, Jets

Scene Seven: The Bridal Shop Showroom
“One Hand, One Heart”
Maria, Tony

Scene Eight: The Neighborhood
Tonight Ensemble
Jets, Sharks, Anita, Tony,
Riff, Maria, Bernando

Scene Nine: Under the Highway
“The Rumble”
Riff, Bernardo, Tony, Jets, Sharks

Act Two

Scene One: Maria’s Bedroom
“I Feel Pretty”
Maria, Consuelo, Rosalia, Margarita, Francisca

Scene Two: Another Alley
“Officer Krupke”
Action, Diesel, Snowboy, A-rab, Baby John

Scene Three: Maria’s Bedroom
“A Boy Like That”
“I Have A Love”
Maria, Anita

Scene Four: Doc’s Drugstore

Scene Five: The Cellar
Scene Six: The Street
Maria, Tony, Company


The Jets

Riff, the leader
Brett Ryback (1/23/24/25)
Tavis Danz (1/30/31/31)

Tony, his friend
Ryan Scott Oliver (1/23/24/25)
Nathaniel Reynolds (1/30/31/31)

Casey Garritano

Daniel Lincoln

Baby John
Sebastian Peters-Lazaro

Mat Sweeney

Aleks Pevec

Their Girls

Sarah Girard

Angela Meilandt

Britta Hoskins

Casey Fichtner

Courtney Cheney (1/23/24/25)
Jeanette Mills (1/30/31/31)

The Sharks

Bernardo, the leader
Sean Cameron Young (1/23/24/25)
Albert Meijer, Jr. (1/30/31/31)

Maria, his sister
Brianne Moore (1/23/24/25)
Khori Dastoor (1/30/31/31)

Anita, his girl
Jamie Martin-Chamberlin (1/23/24/25)
Elisabeth Rosenberg (1/30/31/31)

Chino, his friend
Rodell Rosel

Chris Fore

Chris Culberson

Sergio Lobito
Their Girls

Michel Patrician

Amelia Nelson

Ali Gee

Kat Liu

Peggy Nguyen

Kristen Mata (1/23/24/25)

Karen Vuong (1/30/31/31)

The Adults

Officer Krupke
Michael Aspinwall

Detective Schrank
Steven Bray

Glad Hand
Tom McMahon

Gary Gardner


Larry Chou
Catherine Chyi
Kimberly Empeno
Jennifer Jim
Rebecca Kappen
Hanna Khoury
Brian Lee
Ryan Lee
Minah Oh
Martha Sandoval
Brian Song
Lindsay Strand-Polyak
Vincent Woo
Sally Yeh

Evan Geiger
Marsha Pack

Tanitra Flenaugh
Chelsea Lumley
Jonathan Terry
Liz Thomson

Nick Casillas
Greg Chambers
Luis Zuniga

Adam Bhatia
Max Hembd
Meghan Turner

Timothy Dueppen
Josh Salsbury

Christopher Ahn
Soung Bin Kim
Ryan Chou
Paul Herman
Isaac Melamed
Esther Yang

Robert Ashley
Matt Cory

Alaina Bercilla
Bridget Castillo
Kumi Nakagawa

Oboe/English Horn
Anne Shisko

Catherine Gold
Kristin Kang
Ben Phelps

Percussion-Trap Set
Joe Petrasek

Frank Garvey

Isaac Darche

The orchestra for West Side Story
are members of the UCLA Philharmonia Orchestra,
Dr. Jon Robertson Director.


Jamie Chamberlin (Anita) is thrilled to join the UCLA Musical Theatre Workshop for her third production. Other credits include, Hesione: Triumph of Love, and Lucy: You're A Good Man Charlie Brown. You can also see Jamie in the upcoming Opera UCLA productions of Albert Herring and Le Viaggio A Reims, and on the stage of Los Angeles Opera, where she sings in the chorus. Ms. Chamberlin graduates this spring with an M.M. in vocal performance.

Courtney Cheney (Anybodys/Pauline) is a graduate of the Orange County High School of the Arts where she received the "Spirit of Musical Theatre Award." She comes to UCLA as a communications major and is happy to add West Side Story to her list of theatre credits. In addition to her studies, Courtney is an advocate for pediatric cancer awareness.

Chris Culbertson (Indio) is a UCLA Aerospace Engineering major. West Side Story is his first production for UCLA Musical Theatre Workshop. He is delighted to be a member of the cast and wishes to thank the directors, cast, friends, and family for their support.

Tavis Danz (Riff) relocated from Northern California to pursue training in the Ray Bolger Musical Theatre program. Tavis is the recipient of an Elly Award and several Sacramento Area Regional Theatre Association (SARTA) nominations. His credits include Danny: Grease, Seymour: Little Shop of Horrors, Benvolio in Romeo and Juliet, and Nathan Detroit: Guys and Dolls.

Khori Dastoor (Maria) is a first year graduate student in vocal performance. She returns to Los Angeles after receiving her undergraduate degree from the New England Conservatory. She is thrilled to be performing in her favorite show and would like to thank her parents for their invaluable love and support.

Casey Fichtner (Minnie) began performing for audiences at the age of 9. This has lead to her love of Jazz and thus prompted her entrance to UCLA as a Jazz Vocal major. West Side Story is Casey's first Musical Theatre Workshop production.

Casey Garritano (Action) completes his studies at UCLA with this quarter's production of West Side Story. Post graduation, he plans to relocate to New York to pursue a career in Musical Theatre.

Ali Gee (Margarita) is excited to be working with the cast and creative team of West Side Story. This production marks her first with the Musical Theatre Workshop. Ms. Gee entered UCLA this year as a math/econ major.

Sarah Girard (Velma) a second year Theatre major is excited to be returning to Schoenberg Hall. Her UCLA debut was as Nadine in the Musical Theatre Workshop production of The Wild Party.

Britta Michelle Hoskins (Clarice), a third year Communications Studies/German major, is making her UCLA Musical Theatre debut with West Side Story. She has previously performed with the UCLA University Chorus. Theatre credits include: Jan: Grease, Mother/Indian: Peter Pan, Narrator: Joseph.

Daniel Lincoln (Diesel) is anything but a newcomer to performing. His professional career spans theatre, television, film, and recording. The role of Diesel is Mr. Lincoln's debut role at UCLA, where he is a second year Vocal Performance major.

Katharine Liu (Francisca) entered UCLA this year as a Vocal Performance major. She is excited about her debut performance and thanks the cast and creative team for such a wonderful experience. Some of her favorite roles include, Luisa: The Fantasticks, and the title roles in Peter Pan and Cinderella.

Sergio Lobito (Luis) a Musical Theatre Workshop alumnus, made his debut on the Schoenberg Hall stage in Once Upon A Mattress, under the direction of Carol Burnett. Post graduation, Mr. Lobito has been working as a television and film producer. He returns to lend his talents to John Hall and West Side Story.

Kristin Mata (Marisol/Somewhere Soloist) is a fourth year Vocal Performance major. She began singing at the age of ten and is happy to be in her first Musical Theatre Workshop production. She would like to thank her friends and family for their constant support.

Albert Meijer, Jr. (Bernardo/Juano) is no newcomer to the stage. Previous roles include: Curly: Oklahoma!, Audrey II: Little Shop of Horrors, Sky Masterson: Guys and Dolls. This production is Albert's first with UCLA Musical Theatre Workshop. Albert is a second year Theatre Major and has enjoyed participating in this production.

Angela Meilandt (Graziella) comes to UCLA from Nevada City, CA. She began performing at age 5 and plans to launch a performance career in film and television once she's completed her studies in Theatre. Angela was recently awarded with a year dance scholarship from Tremaine Dance Company.

Jeanette Mills (Anybodys/Pauline), a freshman from Pacific Palisades, CA is thrilled to be performing in her first UCLA Musical Theatre Workshop production. Other credits include: Gavroche in Les Misérables, and principal dance roles in 42nd Street, Oklahoma!, and Crazy For You.

Brianne Moore (Maria) completes her degree in Vocal Performance this spring. A key component of her education was her continued involvement in Musical Theatre Workshop. The role Maria is the culmination of all work. My highest thanks to John Hall for believing in me. Thank you to my family for their unwavering support and to Ryan.

Amelia Nelson (Consuela) hails from Maui, Hawai'i and has danced around the country with companies such as Ballet Hawaii and Ballet West. Other credits include Velma Kelly in the Maui Onstage Production of Chicago. Advancing her studies in Musical Theatre Workshop has been an invaluable component to her education.

Peggy Hongduc Nguyen (Teresita), a graduate of the LA County High School for the Arts, is a WAC major with an Anthropology/Education minor. Working with such a talented cast has been sheer joy. Thanks to her family and friends for their love and support.

Ryan Scott Oliver (Tony) is elated to be among this cast of West Side Story. Among his performing credits are Billy: Carousel, Cinderella's Prince: Into the Woods, and Peron: Evita. A Third year Composition major, Ryan would like to thank his family and friends and Brianne.

Michel Patrician (Rosalia) began working in the professional theatre at age 6. Her favorite roles include Emma: Jekyl and Hyde, Maria: West Side Story; she debuted on Schoenberg Hall stage in The Wild Party and returns this year to lend her talents as the vivacious Rosalia. Ms. Patrician was a recipient of the 2003 Carol Burnett Award for excellence in Musical Theatre. Film credits include - Prince of Egypt, Dream Works.

Sebastian Peters-Lazaro (Baby John) began his stage performing in the Chico City Light Opera production of Mary Poppins. Currently a second year at UCLA, he has been actively involved in several student films. Baby John is his debut role with the UCLA Musical Theatre Workshop.

Aleks Pevec (A-Rab) also known as "the Croatian" makes his UCLA theatre debut with this production. He would like to thank the cast, his family, and all his friends who have supported him.

Nathaniel Reynolds (Tony) is a first year graduate student in Vocal Performance from San Luis Obispo. Thrilled to be making his second appearance as Tony, he will also be performing the role of Mayor Upfold in the Opera UCLA production of Albert Herring.

Rodell Rosel (Chino) will be singing the title role in Albert Herring with Opera UCLA. Other appearances include: The Young Musicians Foundation Orchestra and the Los Angeles Concert Orchestra. Mr. Rosel recently placed fourth at the Metropolitan Opera Western Regional Auditions.

Elisabeth Rosenberg (Anita), a senior Vocal Performance Major, is thrilled to be a part of the production. Past UCLA productions include: Triumph of Love (Hesione), L'Heure Espagnole (Concepcion), L'enfant et Les Sortileges (Le Chat), and the upcoming productions of Albert Herring (Lady Billows) and Il Viaggio a Rheims (Madama Cortese.)

Brett Ryback (Riff), a Wisconsin native, has been performing professionally since kindergarten. Now in his second year as a Music Composition Major, Brett is grateful to be a part of this production. This show is for Maggie - who always reminds him just how "cool" he really is.

Mat Sweeney (Snowboy) is a sophomore studying theatre. West Side Story is Mat's first production with Musical Theatre Workshop. He would like to thank the cast, production team, his friends and family for their support.

Karen Vuong (Estella/Somewhere Soloist), a sophomore Vocal Performance major, is happy to be in her first Musical Theatre production at UCLA. She will also be appearing as Emmie in the Opera UCLA production of Albert Herring.

Sean Cameron Young (Bernardo/Juano). UCLA Credits include: Electra Fragments, Short Eyes, and Hair (Hud). Sean would like to thank his family for their continued support. Mr. Young is a fourth year Theatre Major.

The Adults

Michael Aspinwall (Krupke) hails from the great state of Montana. Last year, he made his UCLA Musical Theater Workshop debut as Eddie, the pugilist in Andrew Lippa's The Wild Party. Mr. Aspinwall is in his second year at UCLA as a Theater Major.

Steven Bray (Schrank) recently moved from New York, where he was active as an actor and director, having studied at Circle in the Square. He recently directed Cannibals by Heather Dundas at Theater Palisades.

Tom McMahon (Glad Hand), a graduate from the class of '99, is thrilled to be returning to Schoenberg Hall. During his tenure at UCLA, Tom was two-time recipient of the Carol Burnett Award and appeared in Flora, the Red Menace (Mr. Weiss), Into the Woods (The Baker), and as the Wizard in Once Upon A Mattress (Directed by Carol Burnett.)

Gary Gardner (Doc) "Uncle Gary" is Professor of Theater at UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, where he teaches courses in the History of Musical Theater and Playwriting. He is glad to work with his longtime colleague John Hall in his production, because they both realize that musical theater is the ultimate collaborative art form!

Music Director Daniel Cummings is a 1st year DMA student in the Choral Conducting program at UCLA. Daniel is from Albuquerque, New Mexico and received a Bachelor of Music Composition from the University of New Mexico. Last year, he received his Masters degree in Choral Conducting at UCLA. Daniel has served as accompanist and musical director for many musical theatre productions and served as Assistant Musical Director on the UCLA Music Theatre Workshop production of The Wild Party. Daniel is also the conductor of the UCLA Brass Choir and co-conductor of University Chorus.

Carlos Jones returns to UCLA after a 3 year hiatus in New York City. His choreography appeared in the previous Musical Theatre Workshop productions: Dames at Sea, Godspell, Flora the Red Menace, Into The Woods, Once Upon a Mattress, and Babes in Arms. Theatre: Some Like It Hot, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Working, Man of La Mancha, Sesame Street Live. Film/Television: Cybill, Howie Mandell, The Nanny, The Drew Carey Show, Dance With Men, I'll Do Anything, and Uptown Girls.

John Hall has produced and directed over 100 productions of opera and music theater for UCLA Department of Music. Alumni of his productions are currently performing on Broadway, in national and international touring companies and in opera houses in Europe and the US. From 17th century operas like Orontea by Cesti to contemporary works like Bernstein's Candide his productions are notable for their energy and clarity. Mr. Hall is also a well-known librettist and has directed the Carnegie Hall premiere of his cantata Flashpoint/Stonewall (music by Roger Bourland) and has had his song cycles Encountertenor and Thoughts Unspoken (music by Jake Heggie) sung in London's Wigmore Hall and on the Lincoln Center Chamber Music Series. John Hall also teaches at SongFest where he will join master teachers Graham Johnson, Martin Katz and composer John Harbison this summer to work with young singers.

With her home base in Carlsbad, costume designer Yoli Bennett has created clothes for many Southern California productions of music theater as well as being Wardrobe Supervisor for Legoland California. At UCLA we have been fortunate to have her designs for Into the Woods, You're A Good Man Charlie Brown, Once Upon A Mattress, Babes in Arms and Triumph of Love.

Lighting Designer Eileen Cooley is best known for her designs for dance companies. From folk dance to modern dance or classical ballet she creates a special ambience that enhances movements with color and form. Her artistry is equally at home with music theater and opera. At UCLA we have enjoyed her stunning lighting in such varied repertory as Babes In Arms, You're A Good Man Charlie Brown, and Triumph of Love.

The versatile Robert Deman has designed sets for many UCLA productions of opera and music theater. Whether standard repertory like Puccini's Madama Butterfly or more esoteric fare like Virgil Thomson's Four Saints in Three Acts, his sense of style and command of stagecraft makes each production a new experience. His recent designs for UCLA Music Theater Workshop include Babes In Arms, Triumph of Love, Into the Woods and Once Upon A Mattress directed by Carol Burnett.


Recognizing the quality of instruction and motivation of student talent, the Maxwell H. Gluck Foundation helps to support the productions and activities of the UCLA Music Theater Workshop. This production of West Side Story is made possible by their continued generosity and we thank them.

We also wish to thank Debby and Tony Hall and the IBM Matching Grant program and to Carol Burnett for their continued support of the UCLA Music Theater Workshop.

About the UCLA Music Theater Workshop

Quick Quiz. What do the following Broadway Musicals have in common?

Thoroughly Modern Millie, Beauty and the Beast, Cabaret, Cyrano, Footloose, Grease, Carousel, Triumph of Love, Les Miserables, TABOO, Meet Me In St. Louis, MAIL, The Life, Miss Saigon, My Fair Lady, My Favorite Year, Parade, Shogun, The Kiss of the Spider Woman, Never Gonna Dance

Or, how about the National Touring Companies of these shows…

Beauty and the Beast, Grease, TOMMY, Forbidden Broadway, A CHORUS LINE, kiss me kate, The Civil War, Footloose, Carousel, The Phantom of the Opera, Sunset Blvd., FAME, My Fair Lady, The Scarlet Pimpernel, SEUSSICAL, Fiddler on the Roof, The Will Rogers Follies, The Full Monty, Miss Saigon, Bye, Bye Birdie, The Secret Garden, The Kiss of the Spider Woman, How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Les Miserables,

In every show there was an alumni of the UCLA Music Theater Workshop in a starring or featured role!

For nearly thirty years John Hall has led this course in the Department of Music, teaching basic techniques in song performance, audition preparation, movement and onstage experience in productions ranging from informal cabarets and musical revues to fully mounted productions of Music Theater in different styles. Recent main stage productions range from the West Coast premiere of Andrew Lippa's The Wild Party, the original 1937 version of Rodgers and Hart's Babes in Arms, the revised version of You're A Good Man Charlie Brown, Triumph of Love and a production of the musical comedy Once Upon A Mattress, directed by its original star Carol Burnett.

The UCLA Music Theater Workshop also trains graduate student conductors and our alumni in this field includes the assistant conductor of the Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra, the conductors of the Knoxville Symphony, the Glendale Symphony, the UC Irvine Symphony and the Ray Bolger Program in Musical Theater.

They offer performances to Los Angeles school children through UCLA's Design for Sharing and the UCLA Music Department's outreach program. They perform for charities and fund-raisers and, last year, they were awarded a special commendation from the City of Los Angeles for their support of the West Valley Food Pantry.

Staff for “West Side Story”

John Hall

Music Director
Daniel Cummings

Carlos Jones

Scenic Design
Robert Deman

Lighting Design
Eileen Cooley

Costume Design
Yoli Bennett

Assistant to Costume Designer
Mary Margaret Becker

Technical Director
Patrick Brambilla

Master Electrician
Greg Forbess

Master Carpenter
Gene Rogers

Costume Crew
Amy Burger
Susannah Hall
Walli Mueller

Rehearsal Pianists
Lois Holdridge
Frank Garvey
Anneliese Longuemare

Set Construction
Tim Farmer, Peter Falco

Accurate Staging

Sound Design
Gene Coutolenc

Dance Captain
Ali Gee

Theater Manager
John Hayes

Graphic Artist
Jeffrey Spector

Kathleen Moon

Production Supervisor
Diane Connor

UCLA Music Theater Workshop

John Hall

Teaching Associate
Daniel Cummings

Lois Holdridge

Carlos Jones

UCLA School of the Arts
and Architecture

Chris Waterman, Dean

UCLA Department of Music
Ian Krouse, Acting Chair


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