Suor Angelica - 1976

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UCLA Department of Music and Committee on Fine Arts Productions present
The UCLA Opera Workshop
in Four Studio Performances of

Puccini’s One Act Operas

Suor Angelica


Gianni Schicchi

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, June 3 through 6, 1976
at 8:00 p.m.
Little Theater, Schoenberg Hall

Sister Angelica

Libretto by Giovacchino Forzano
Music by Giacomo Puccini
(Sung in Italian)

A small Italian convent in the 18th century.


For the seven years Angelica has been with the convent her background and personal history remain a mystery to the other nuns. The sisters work within the laws of monastic life and share their small hopes and grievances while Angelica stays to herself. Rumors of a noble Florentine family and a scandal in her past increase her unique position within the order.

One day in May during a recreation period a visitor for Angelica is announced. It is her Aunt, the Princess, who has come to secure Angelica’s signature on a document renouncing any further claim on the family’s fortune so her younger sister can marry. Angelica asks for news of her child. She is an unmarried mother who has taken the veil in penance. The Princess announces that her child is dead.

Hysterical, Angelica resolves on suicide and makes a deadly poison from herbs and flowers. After drinking she realizes that she has committed Mortal sin and cries to the Virgin for pardon. Dying, she sees a vision of the Holy Mother leading a little child toward her while an angelic chorus sings of salvation.

Suor Angelica Cast

Sister Angelica
Starleigh Goltry (June 3, 5)
Hiroko Kitano (June 4, 6)

The Princess (Angelica’s Aunt)
Jane Haentzschel (June 4, 6)
Pamela Kravitz (June 3, 5)

The Abbess
Edythe Johnson

The Monitor
Carlene Forrest

The Mistress of the Novices
Barbara Tennison

Sister Genevieve
Arlene Thomas

Sister Osmina
Lorraine Parsons
Sister Dolcina
Marian Schales

The Nursing Sister
Ruth Goldstein

The Alms-Sisters
Melinda Leoncini
Mary Crawford

A Novice
Pam Scanlon

1st Lay-Sister
Karen Kersey

2nd Lay-Sister
Marion MacKinney

Sister Lucilla
Patti Goff

Sister Absentia
Lisa Turetaky

Gianni Schicchi

Libretto by Giovacchino Forzano
Music by Giacomo Puccini
(English Version by Pitt & Grossman)


The bed chamber of Buoso Donati overlooking the city of Florence in the year 1299.

Buoso Donati has died and left his considerable estate to charity. His grasping relatives, deeply shocked, decide to accept Rinuccio’s advice and ask help of Gianni Schicchi, a well-known local rogue and the father of Rinuccio’s sweetheart Lauretta. Schicchi’s approach is direct: the deceased is removed and Schicchi takes his place in bed. When even the doctor is fooled, the delighted relatives call in a notary to hear “Donati” make a new testament. Their delight turns to helpless rage, however, as the resourceful Schicchi wills the bulk of the old man’s property to himself. He chases them all out of his newly acquired house, all except, of course, his son-in-law to be, Rinuccio, who remains with Lauretta in their future home.

Gianni Schicchi Cast

Gianni Schicchi
Cameron MacDonald (June 4, 6)
Burman Timberlake (June 3, 5)

Lauretta, his daughter
Ruth Goldstein (June 4, 6)
Karen Kersey (June 3, 5)

Zita, Buoso Donati’s cousin
Jane Haentzschel (June 4, 6)
Lisa Turetaky (June 3, 5)

Rinuccio, her nephew
Eric Walters

Gherardo, Buoso’s nephew
John Miller

Nella, his wife
Mary Crawford (June 4, 6)
Pam Scanlon (June 3, 5)

Gherardino, their son
Marion Schalee
Betto, Buoso’s brother-in-law
Ed Van Wesep

Simone, Buoso’s cousin
Mel O’Meara

Marco, his son
Chris Nichols

Ciesca, Marco’s wife
Melinda Leoncini (June 4, 6)
Marian MacKinney (June 3, 5)

Master Spinelloccio, Physician
Robert Schmidt (June 3, 5)
Ford Waite (June 4, 6)

Amantio Di Nicolao, Notary
Robert Schmidt (June 4, 6)
Ford Waite (June 3, 5)

Pinellino, Cobbler
Richard Horne

Production Staff

Musical Preparation
Mario Carta
Peggy Sheffield

Stage Direction
John Hall

Edythe Johnson

Lighting Design
Reid Hart

Production Manager
Ray Gonzales

Joyce Lindorff

Carol Vane

UCLA Opera Workshop

Director Emeritus
Jan Popper

Stage Director
John Hall

Coaching and Repertoire
Mario Carta
Peggy Sheffield

Teaching Assistant
Joyce Lindorff

Musical Comedy Director
Alan Gilbert

German and French Diction
Sybil Hast

Bonnie Sawyer