Once Upon a Mattress - 1999

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UCLA Music Theater Workshop

Once Upon A Mattress

A Musical Fairy Tale in Two Acts

Music by Mary Rodgers
Lyrics by Marshall Barer
Book by Jay Thompson, Marshall Barer and Dean Fuller
First Performance May 11, 1959 at the Phoenix Theater, New York City

Directed by Carol Burnett

February 26 and 27 at 8pm
February 28 at 3pm
March 5 and 6 at 8pm
March 7 at 3pm
Schoenberg Hall, UCLA


Carol Burnett, Regents’ Professor, University of California 1999

Having Carol Burnett come to UCLA and work with my students in the UCLA Music Theater Workshop has long been a dream for me. When she offered to make her directing debut at UCLA with the show in which she made her Broadway debut, “Once Upon A Mattress,” that dream became a reality.

Carol (already the recipient of the UCLA Medal in 1985) was now voted unanimously by the Regents of the University to make her UC Regents’ Professor of 1999. Most Regents’ Professorships are bestowed on distinguished leaders in their fields who come to campus and give a lecture and interact briefly with students and faculty. I don’t know of any Regents’ Professors who have rolled up their sleeves, got right down to the real nitty gritty and took over the job of getting not one, but two students casts on the boards in a complete production of a musical. From our first production meetings last August, through the auditions, call-backs and final casting in December, through the two months of daily rehearsals and all the ups, downs and in betweens, Carol has been there sharing her experience, her wisdom and her hopes for the best for these student performers. Carol, along with her team of Don Crichton, Nick Perito, Bob Wright, Jon Sokoloff, and Mary Jo Niedzlieski, have become very familiar with the academic grove of Schoenberg Hall. They have struggled with overbooked rehearsal rooms, lack of space and scheduling problems, even the unfamous UCLA parking system. For all that Carol remains the idol and ideal for the young talent at UCLA. We can only say “we’re so glad we had this time together”…thank you, Carol. Having a dream come true has been an amazing thing. - John Hall

This production of “Once Upon A Mattress” is made possible by the kind support from the Gluck Foundation, the Gladys Turk Foundation and a generous gift from Tony and Debbie Hall. The UCLA School of Arts and Architecture and the UCLA Department of Music wish to thank these donors for their belief in the young talent at UCLA. If you are interested in supporting UCLA’s Music Theater Workshop, you can contact Laura Parker in the office of the School of the Arts and Architecture, (310) 825-2512.

Once Upon A Mattress is presented through special arrangement with The Rodgers & Hammerstein Theater Library, 229 West 28th Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10001.

Musical Numbers

The Time: Many Moons Ago
The Place: In and about a medieval castle


“Many Moons Ago”

Act One

Scene 1: The Castle

“Opening for a Princess”+
Dauntless, Larken, Lords and Ladies

“In a little while”*
Lady Larken, Sir Harry

Winnifred, Lords and Ladies

“The Minstrel, the Jester and I”*
King, Minstrel, Jester

Scene 2: A corridor in the castle

Queen Aggravaine, Wizard

Scene 3: Winnifred’s Antechamber

“The Swamps of Home”*
Winnifred, Dauntless, Lady Rowena, Lady Cara, Lady Sierra

Scene 4: The Castle

“Spanish Panic”+
Winnifred, Dauntless

“Song of Love”+
Dauntless, Winnifred, Lords and Ladies

Act Two

Scene 1: The Castle (later, corridor)

Lords and Ladies

Scene 2: Winnifred’s Antechamber

“Under a Spell”*
Winnifred and Dauntless

“Happily Ever After”*

Scene 3: The Castle

“Man to Man Talk”*
Dauntless and King

“Yesterday I Loved You”*
Larken and Sir Harry

Scene 4: The Bedchamber

Nightingale of Samarkhand

Scene 5: The Castle

Finale +
Lords and Ladies

* Musical Staging by Don Crichton
+ Choreography by Carlos Jones


(In order of appearance)


Will Pellegrini (Feb. 26, 27, 28)
Mario Rocha (Mar. 5, 6, 7)

Jon Neeley

Amber East

Rachel Collins


Tom McMahon (Feb. 26, 27, 28)
Tom Stutzman (Mar. 5, 6, 7)

Princess Number XII
Amanda Blatchford

Lady Jill
Jill Simonian

Lady Cara
Cara Marino

Lady Sierra
Sierra Rein

Prince Dauntless the Drab
Michael Shapiro (Feb. 26, 27, 28)
Will Heermance (Mar. 5, 6, 7)

Queen Aggravaine
Tyson Sheedy

King Sextimus the Silent
Michael Triglia (Feb. 26, 27, 28)
Eric Martin (Mar. 5, 6, 7)

Sierra Rain

Darren Ishmael (Feb. 26, 27, 28)
Brian Bennitt (Mar. 5, 6, 7)

Lady Larken
Melissa Lyons (Feb. 26, 27, 28)
Susannah Hall (Mar. 5, 6, 7)

Sir Harry
Joe Santiago (Feb. 26, 27, 28)
Lawrence Long (Mar. 5, 6, 7)

Princess Winnifred
Teresa Marie Sanchez (Feb. 26, 27, 28)
Maria Eberline (Mar. 5, 6, 7)

Queen’s Attendants
Tal Feingold
Kate Gersten

Nightingale of Samarkhand
Len Levitt
Carin White

Lords and Ladies of the Royal Court

Amanda Blatchford
Rachel Collins
Amber East
Tal Feingold
Kate Gersten
Cara Marino
Sierra Rein
Jill Simonian
Carin White

Carlos Avilas
Brian Hobbs
Sergio Lobito
Jon Neeley
Dario Nolfi
Michael Rose
Mishi Schueller
Josh Silberman
Jeff Wiesen

The Carol Burnett Award in Music Theater

The UCLA Music Theater Workshop is honored to offer our students the annual Carol Burnett Awards competition. Since 1979, Carol has provided scholarships to students for their excellence and encouragement in the performing arts.

The UCLA Department of Music has many awards given to students for excellence in performance and composition, but there is only one award that has changed a curriculum and become a part of the educational goals for a performance organization. That is the Carol Burnett Award.

The rules seem simple. Give each student five minutes to get up and show what they can do and be judged on their performance by a panel of professionals. Five minutes can be a very long time to fill when you're not exactly sure of what it is you do best. There is the key... the Carol Burnett Award makes students in the Music Theater Workshop focus on whatever it is they do best (if you dance... dance, if you've got a high note... hit it, if you do comedy... find a fun song and be funny). The students must create a scene for themselves that will "market and package" their talents in the best way possible. As every performer knows, the process of auditioning is the most used and most misunderstood thing in a theatrical career. By creating an award that requires the student to analyze their strengths (and weaknesses), Carol has created a means that gives all the students some "ammo" for when they graduate. The music theater students compete once every year and, even if they don't win some money, they have all won something very valuable... knowledge of what works for them and what doesn't.

Carol Burnett Award Winners 1979-1999:

Alan Anderson
Natalie Arazi
Roger Befeler
David Boyd
Chris Carothers
Bryan Chesters
Julie Connors
Dana Cote
Eileen Cowan
Monica Doby
Susan Egan
Kimberly Evans
Steve Fickinger
Jerry Fischer
Daniel Friedman
Suzie Goddard
David Gunderman
Jordan Gurner
Lori Halopoff
Aaron Henderson
Keith Hoshal
Laura Klein
Scott Maris

Laurie McDermott
Scott Meckling
Stephanie Morse
Alan Muraoka
Christian Nova
Kelley Palmer
Will Pellegrini
Suzanne Pellett
Michelle Ramos
Trisha Rapier
Kelly Richman
Michael Rose
Teresa Sanchez
Robert Sella
David Snow
James Snyder
Jennifer Stralla
Martha Swartz
Sarah Uriarte-Berry
Scott Wagner
Craig Woolson
Stefanie Wurzel
Steve Zee


Er-Gene Kahng, concertmaster,
Jenny Takamatsu, Yoe Joo Hwang,
Vincent Lee

Violin II
Nicole Garcia, principal,
Naveen Bhandarkar, Jenny Chun,
Chakti Maisen

Alma Fernandez, principal,
Chad Prado, Courtney Sugioka,
Mark Golamco, Maria Littleton

Abe Liebhaber, principal,
Sunghee Chang, Monica Murphy,
Derald Tucker

Miles Mosley, principal

Jennifer Dean

David Durante

Daniel Won

Bass Clarinet
Jennifer Elliott

Mike Gorham, Leah Goldman, Ian Souter

David Goodwin, Philip Katz

Brian Boyce, Jessica Johnson

Lou Anne Neill, Kathleen Moon

Danny Feldman

Jordan Richmond

Honglac “Cootie” Hathuc


Carlos Avilas
Freshman Carlos Avilas has thoroughly enjoyed his first year as a Music major in vocal performance. He made his Schoenberg Hall debut in January as the Pirate in Poulenc’s opera “Les Mamelles de Tirésias” with the UCLA Opera Workshop.

Brian Bennitt
Brian Bennitt, a third year Theater major, is thrilled to be performing in his fourth show with the UCLA Music Theater Workshop. His other productions include “Penelope Saves the Nutcracker,” “Flora, the Red Menace” and “Into the Woods.” Last year Brian received Honorable Mention in the Carol Burnett Awards and this year he is working in her production of “Once Upon A Mattress”!

Amanda Blatchford
Amanda Blatchford is a third year World Arts and Cultures major who has performed in many productions including Maisie in “The Boyfriend” at the Sierra Madre Playhouse. Last season Amanda played Little Red Ridinghood in the UCLA Music Theater Workshop production of “Into the Woods.” She also participated in the Carol Burnett Awards and has thoroughly enjoyed working with this cast and crew and, of course, the lovely Carol Burnett herself.

Rachel Collins
A Junior transfer from UC Berkeley, Rachel Collins has trained at the Oxbridge Dramatic Arts program in Oxford and at the Alvin Ailey School of Dance. She has appeared in television, commercials and music videos and was a member of the Bay Area Repertory Dance Company in 1996-97. Currently she is training at Ballet Ecarte under Nadezhda and Golden Koscuik and aspires to pursue a career in entertainment.

Amber East
Originally from Saratoga California, Amber East has appeared in “The Music Man,” “The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail” and “Dancing at Lughnasa.” This is her first UCLA production and she is thrilled to be working with Carol Burnett.

Maria Eberline
A Senior Theater major is absolutely tickled to be part of Carol Burnett’s directorial debut. Her favorite past roles and productions are Timoune in “Once On This Island,” Nancy in “Oliver,” “Flora, the Red Menace” and creating the role of Katelyn in the new musical “Something Old, Something New.” Maria would like to thank John, her parents and Carol for their trust, love and support.

Julia Faussone
From the San Francisco Bay area, Julia Faussone is a second year Theater major and has performed in professional productions of “The Sound of Music,” “Fiddler on the Roof,” “Annie” and “Evita.” She was Little Red Ridinghood in Last season’s UCLA Music Theater Workshop production of “Into the Woods.” Julia is also doing voice overs for CD Rom games and television. This is Julia’s first experience in stage management and she is thrilled to be working on Carol’s “Once Upon A Mattress” both on the stage and behind the scenes.

Tal Feingold
Tal Feingold is a first year student at UCLA. A Psychology major with a passion for theater, she has appeared in “Singin in the Rain,” “Annie,” “The Wiz,” “Godspell” and “Hello Dolly.”

Kate Gersten
A second year Theater major, Kate Gersten was born and raised in New York City where theater was infused directly into her veins by her inspiring family. Trained at the Joffrey School of Ballet and the HB Studio, Kate first performed at age nine in the Joffrey’s “The Nutcracker” at the City Center. Kate is loving every minute at UCLA where she has been seen in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” and has directed “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

Susannah Hall
Soprano Susannah Hall will be graduating in June as part of the final class of Dance majors at UCLA. She has been a member of the UCLA Music Theater Workshop for three years most recently portraying Cinderella in Sondheim’s “Into the Woods.”

William Heermance
William Heermance, a Sophomore Theater major, is thrilled to be appearing in his first production with the UCLA Music Theater Workshop. He hails from Palo Alto where he worked in children’s theater (including the title role in “Oliver” when he was twelve). Currently he shared the musical directorship of the campus ensemble “Awaken A cappella.”

Brian Hobbs
Music major Brian Hobbs is proud to be celebrating his final year at UCLA. Though it’s been a while since he appeared onstage, his campus credits include musical director for the Tiny Band productions of “Assassins,” “Falsettos” and “Something Old, Something New.” Last year he produced and directed “A Chorus Line” for the Residentials Halls. His goal is to compose for music theater after graduation.

Darren Ishmael
Darren Ishmael will be graduating this June with a BA in Theater Arts. “Once Upon A Mattress” is Darren’s first production with the Music Department and he is very pleased to have been given this opportunity. He has been performing since childhood and was last seen in the UCLA Theater Department’s production of “Origen” in which he played an Aztec God.

Francoise LeClerc
Francoise LeCler, a native of Northern California has been stage managing theater productions since her Junior year in High School. She is currently a Sophomore in the Theater program at UCLA studying direction and productions for stage and film. Recent stage management credits include the West Coast premiere of “The Atomic View Motel” and “The Triumph of Isabella.” Francoise is proud and honored to have the opportunity to work with the legendary Carol Burnett.

Sergio Lobito
Sergio Lobito is receiving his B.A. in Theater in June. Some of his UCLA credits include “Lulu,” “Assassins” and “Hoichi” (Japanese shadow theater). “Once Upon A Mattress” is his first production with the UCLA Music Theater Workshop.

Larry Long
Second year Theater major Larry Long is thrilled and honored to be a part of “Once Upon A Mattress.” Last year he enjoyed playing the role of Cinderella’s Prince/the Wolf in Sondheim’s “Into the Woods.”

Melissa Lyons
Melissa Lyons is a Music major with an emphasis in vocal performance who will graduate this June. She won first place in UCLA’s Carol Burnett Awards in 1997 and “Mattress” marks her fourth production with the UCLA Music Theater Workshop. Other companies Melissa has worked with include the Civic Light Opera of Santa Barbara, Fullerton Civic Light Opera, Music Theater of Southern California and Music Theater West.

Cara Marino
Cara Marino is a second year Theater maor who began training and performing in Music Theater in the second grade. A graduate of the San Diego School of Performing Arts, she plans to pursue a career in the arts.

Tom McMahon
While leading a double life as a Political Science major and a “theater geek,” Tom McMahon has enjoyed an exciting tenure with the UCLA Music Theater Workshop. A two-time winner of the Carol Burnett Award, Tom has been seen as the Baker in last season’s “Into the Woods” and was featured in their production of “Flora, the Red Menace.” He also appeared as Guiteau in “Assassins” and in the Reprise production of “The Three Penny Opera.”

Eric Martin
Eric Martin is a graduating Theater Arts student and a veteran of UCLA’s Music Theater Workshop, having appeared in “Godspell,” “Into the Woods” and “Flora, the Red Menace.” He spends his weekends making young children happy as “Merlin” at Club Disney and spends his free time writing plays and devising ways to rule the world.

Jon Neeley
“Once Upon A Mattress” is Jon Neeley’s first production with the UCLA Music Theater Workshop, although he appeared in last year’s residential hall production of “A Chorus Line.” Other shows include “42nd Street,” “Hello Dolly” and “Crazy for You.”

Dario Nolfi
Dario Nolfi hails from San Francisco. He is a Theater major and was last seen as Demetrius in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Special thanks to Mom and dad for all their support and my friends for making me laugh.

Will Pellegrini
A fourth year Theater major from Folsom, CA, Will Pellegrini’s past UCLA credits include roles in “A Lie of the Mind,” “Godspell,” “Assassins,” “Into the Woods” and his most recent appearance in “Taking the Bait.” He is also active in UCLA’s award winning a cappella group Awaken.

Sierra Rein
Sierra Rein hails from Oakland, CA and does not look forward to leaving UCLA in June when she graduates from the Theater Department. During her college career she has divided her time between her classes, John Hall’s Music Theater Workshop (where she played the Witch in Sonheim’s “Into the Woods”), being alto in the UCLA group, Awaken A Cappella and she has directed and performed in numerous student-produced musicals such as “Assassins,” “Falsettos” and “Something Old, Something New.” She is excited about her role as the castle wench in “Mattress” and sends her love to her Moms, Dads and (especially) to Pete.

Mario Rocha
Senior Theater major, Mario Rocha enjoys making a fool of himself whenever, wherever and for as many people as possible. He has appeared with the UCLA Music Theater Workshop in “Dames at Sea” and “Into the Woods.”

Mike Rose
Mike Rose is a native of San Diego and is excited to be returning to “Once Upon A Mattress” after a run last winter in that show with the San Diego Civic Light Opera. Other shows include “7 Brides for 7 Brothers,” “Cinderella,” “The Wizard of Oz,” “South Pacific” and “Crazy for You.” Mike thanks his family and best friend Melisa Olleyvara.

Teresa Marie Sanchez
Twice winner of the coveted Carol Burnett award in Music Theater, Teresa Marie Sanchez is a Senior Theater major and has performed in several UCLA productions including “Flora, the Red Menace” (Flora), “Assassins” (Squeaky Fromme) and “Gospell” (Roin). She has appeared in “Wonderful Town” with Lucie Arnaz and “The Pajama Game” with Christine Ebersol for Reprise!

Joe Santiago
Joe Santiago was last heard as Marcus in “Gianni Schicchi” and the stylemaker in “Les Mamelles de Tirésias” with the UCLA Opera Workshop. Schoenberg Hall has been a second home to him at UCLA, but he wishes to finish his degrees in Biology and English before 2000.

Mishi Schueller
Mishi Schueller has previously performed with A.C.T.’s Young Conservatory. He has also performed with the Dance Attack Performance Company for five years and played in “Hello Dolly,” “Brigadoon” and “Peter Pan.” He has also participated in musical revues at Sonoma State University and UCLA.

Michael Shapiro
A third year pre-medical honors student, Michael Shapiro has appeared in the UCLA Music Theater Workshop production of “Godspell” and the musical revues of Jerry Herman and George and Ira Gershwin. This past summer he recorded the lead role in a concept album for the new rock musical “bare.” He is also a model for the 1998-99 BearWear catalogue.

Jill Simonian
Originally from Fresno, Communications major Jill Simonian has been a member of the UCLA Music Theater Workshop for three years. She has appeared in “Penelope Saves the Nutcracker,” “Flora, the Red Menace” and “Into the Woods.”

Tyson Sheedy
Tyson Sheedy is a Sacramento native graduating this year from the UCLA Theater Department with Honors. She spent the last year studying abroad at the University of Birmingham in England where she performed a leading role in the premiere production of Sondheim’s “Saturday Night.” She is delighted to be part of this production and sends her love and thanks to her family and friends.

Josh Silberman
Back for his second season with the UCLA Music Theater Workshop, Josh Silberman is studying computer science and rows for the University Crew. He was last seen as the Steward in Sondheim’s “Into the Woods.” Josh plans to continue to perform in his next three years at UCLA and still make it as a computer scientist.

Tom Stutzman
Theater major, Tom Stutzman is a Junior transfer from Cal State Bakersfield and is overjoyed that his debut performance at UCLA is “Once Upon A Mattress” directed by Carol Burnett. He is thankful to be working with UCLA Music Theater Workshop and this is his first performance with a rubber chicken. Tom would like to thank Carol, John, Mom, Dad Pope, his family and friends for their constant support and prayers.

Michael Triglia
Michael Triglia, a 20-year-old theater major has been seen in several productions at the UCLA Theater Department, most recently as the fire chief in Ionesco’s “The Bald Soprano.” He has also been lighting designer for over 40 shows in his three years at UCLA.

Carin White
Carin White is a first-year Music major in vocal performance at UCLA. She received first place in the Rotary International “Singer of the Year” competition and in the Southwestern Youth Music Festival.

Jeff Wiesen
A freshman majoring in Theater, Jeff Wiesen is excited to be working with the Music Department on this production. He dedicates this performance to Roya Hekmat, an incredible performer and wonderful friend.


Directed by
Carol Burnett

Choreography by
Carlos Jones

Musical Staging by
Don Crichton

Conducted by
Nick Perito

Set Design by
Robert Deman

Costumes by
Yoli Bennett

Sound Design by
Audio Tek

Puppet for Nightingale
created by Len Levitt

Production Stage Manager
Francoise LeClerc

Assistant Stage Manager
Julia Faussone

Assistant Director
Daniel Bryan

Assistant Conductor
Stephen Tucker

Daniel Feldman

Rehearsal Pianist
Joan Colman-Hoytt
Brad Dingfelder

Assistant to Mr. Deman
Kelley Wright

Assistant to Ms. Bennett
Christine Podich

Publicity Artist
Will Pellegrini

Theater Manager
Diane Connor

Produced by
John Hall

The UCLA Music Theater Workshop

John Hall

Carlos Jones
Movement and Choreography

Joan Colman-Hoytt
Music Coaching

Stephen Tucker
Teaching Associate

UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture
Daniel Neuman, Dean

UCLA Department of Music
Jon Robertson, Chair

The UCLA Music Theater Workshop wishes to thank the following people for their support in getting “Once Upon A Mattress” onstage. Our very heartfelt thanks to Bob Wright, Jon Sokoloff, Kim Tushinsky, Mary Jo Niedzliewski, Mike McDaniel and the loyal folks at CBS, EC2 Costumes, and Kalola Productions.


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Carol Burnett with the cast of "Once Upon A Mattress"
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Carol Burnett on the set of "Once Upon A Mattress"
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John Hall and Carol Burnett on the set of "Once Upon A Mattress"
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Carol Burnett directing the cast of "Once Upon A Mattress"
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Carol Burnett with the UCLA Music Theater Workshop