Madame Butterfly - 1982

program cover

The UCLA Department of Music and the Committee on Fine Arts Productions

The UCLA Opera Theater and University Symphony Orchestra
Samuel Krachmalnick, Conductor
John Hall, Stage Director

Madame Butterfly
In Italian

Opera in Three Acts
Music by
Giacomo Puccini

Libretto by
L. Illica and G. Giacosa

Based upon the book by John L. Long and the
Drama by David Belasco

Friday and Saturday
April 23, 24, 30
And May 1

8:00 p.m.
Schoenberg Hall


Act I

American navy lieutenant B.F. Pinkerton inspects the house he has leased from Goro the marriage broker who has also procured his geisha wife Cio-Cio-San. The American Consul Sharpless arrives breathless from the climb from Nagasaki far below. Pinkerton shows him the house which like his Japaness bride is leased for ninety-nine years subject to monthly renewal. This arrangement fits perfectly with the young sailor’s easy philosophy (Dovunque al mondo). Sharpless warns that his bride seems to take their marriage far more seriously, but caution is swept aside with the arrival of Cio-Cio-San and her geisha friends (Spira sul mare). She confesses to Pinkerton that she has embraced his Christian faith and casts aside her ancestral beliefs. The Imperial Commissioner arrives, and the marriage is performed. After Sharpless and the Commissioner leave, the wedding party is interrupted by Butterfly’s Uncle the Bonze who curses her to renouncing her religion (Cio-Cio-San!). Pinkerton angrily demands the Bonze and family leave, and comforts his new bride (Viene la sera). Cio-Cio-San joins Pinkerton in the moonlit garden where they sing of their love.

Act II

Three years have passed with Cio-Cio-San awaiting the return of Pinkerton. As her maid Suzuki prays to the ancient gods, Butterfly remains convinced that her husband will return. She tells the dubious Suzuki how she pictures his arrival (Un bel di, vedremo). Sharpless arrives with a letter from Pinkerton, but before he can relate the news Goro arrives with Prince Yamadori, a wealthy suitor for Butterfly’s hand. She refuses his advances and dismisses him. Alone with Butterfly, Sharpless tries to tell her that Pinkerton may never return. She shows Sharpless her young child confident that when Pinkerton hears of his son he will return. Sharpless leaves unable to tell Butterfly that Pinkerton has an American wife. A cannon shot from the harbor announces the arrival of the U.S. Ship Abraham Lincoln. It is Pinkerton’s ship, and joyfully Butterfly and Suzuki decorate the house with flower petals for his return. (Gettiamo a mani piede). As night falls Cio-Cio-San, Suzuki and the child wait for Pinkerton (Humming Chorus).


Suzuki seeing the sun rise insists that Butterfly and the child rest. Butterfly takes the sleepy baby to another room (Dormi amor mio). Soon Sharpless and Pinkerton arrive with Kate, the American wife. When Suzuki learns who the strange woman is, she collapses in despair (Che giova? Che giova?). Sharpless persuades her to help break the news to Butterfly. Overcome by his guilt Pinkerton cannot face Butterfly and leaves the scene of his former happiness (Addio fiorito asil). Cio-Cio-San enters and discovers Kate. Knowing she has been abandoned she agrees to give up her child if Pinkerton returns for him. She sends the sobbing Suzuki away and takes the dagger used by her father for his suicide and prepares to die. Suzuki pushes the child into the room, and Cio-Cio-San tearfully bids him goodbye (Tu, piccolo Iddio!) Then, taking him to play she ends her life as Pinkerton’s voice is heard calling her name.


Charles Anderson
Laura Bacon-Shone
Anne Banks
Rick Boner
Barbara Davidson
Cheryl Dooley
Nora Frank
Edith Friedman

Deborah Kamin
Kathleen Klein
Therese Lee
Mike Louailler
Jill Moulton
Vita Polikaitis
Carol Schaffer
Steven Troyer


(in order of appearance)

Lieutenant B.F. Pinkerton
Stephen Plummer - 23, 1
David Teischer - 24, 30

Goro, a marriage broker
Mark Saltzman
Suzuki, Butterfly’s servant
Susan La Croix

Sharpless, U.S. Consul
Michael Lyon

Cio-Cio-San, Madame Butterfly
Pazzi Bohnenkamp - 23, 1
Everlita Rivera - 24, 30

The Imperial Commissioner
Jamie Snyder

The Registrar
Steve Kouri

The Bonze, Butterfly’s uncle
Wes Morrow

Prince Yamadori
Wes Morrow

Trouble, Butterfly’s child
To be announced

Kate, Pinkerton’s Wife
Anne Banks - 23, 1
Cheryl Dooley - 24, 30


Violin I
*Shirley Marcus, Concertmaster
Deborah Ackerson
Julianne Einem
Howard Goldstein
Eric Holzman
Albert Lamkin
Gregory Maldonado
Michael McDonald
Lucas Richman
Herb Van Hemert
Cindy Wong

Violin II
Mark Shoemaker
Maryanne Donat
Kerri Gertz
Andrea Halperin
Ingrid Hoesli
Helen Kuo
Erin McFadden
Timothy Rosebrough
Erica Silver
Rondi Werner

Holly Boruck
Heather Dobson
Janice Ford
Robert Hancock
Katherine Thomason

Mark Oka
Andrea Akita
Anna Chavez
Alex Ferber
Laurie MacLeod
*Nils Oliver
Carolyn Reynolds
Julie Silverstein
Young-Sun Song
Suzanne Wilson
Janet Chong Yun

Greg Sarchet
*Paul Zibits

Danilo Lozano
Vicki Bernstein
Robin Schoemann

Robin Schoemann

Edward Doehne
Kenneth Davis

David Schorr
Jennifer Hughes
Dan Lucas

William Wheelock
Andrew Radford
Nick Bucci
Ken Mignosa

French Horn
Christopher Condon
Mat Matsumane

Brian Recht
Paul McGhee
Michael Plumleigh

Mark Geiger

Paul Furman

Vanessa Brown
Stephen Beck
Pablo Herman
Johanna Johnson

+Kathleen Moon

Teaching Assistant
Eric Kujawsky



Samuel Krachmalnick

Stage Director
John Hall

Scenic Design
Robert Dean

Lighting Design
Michael Fontana

Musical Preparation
Peggy Sheffield

Assistant Director
Mark Jacobs

Robert Dean

Program/Poster Design
Grant Swanlund

Production Manager
Barbara Burnett

Musical Coaching
James Low
Roger Malouf
Mario Carta

Technical Director
Michael Heafey

Edythe Johnson

Chorus Preparation
William Hatcher

The UCLA Opera Theater

Samuel Krachmalnick

John Hall

Mario Carta, James Low, Roger Malouf, Peggy Sheffield
Coaching and Repertoire

Sybil A. Hast
French and German Diction

Marc Jacobs
Stage Director

Edythe Johnson
Costumes Mistress

Diana Crouthers


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