Lust and Greed in the Shopping Mall - 1985

program cover

A New Musical by
Amy Wooley and John Hall

Popper Theater, UCLA
1200 Schoenberg
December 7 & 8, 1985

Musical Numbers

Setting: The Sheldonville Shopping Mall
Time: Primetime network T.V.

Act One

Scene One: Perfume Counter at
Longworth's Department Store

"Shopping Mall Song" (1)
Shoppers & Salesgirls

"SECS Sells" (3)
Chanel & Johnny

Scene Two: Chanel's Penthouse Suite
"Sweet Revenge" (5)

Scene Three: Back at Longworth's
Department Store

"Now that I Have You" (5)
Old Stan

"Suits" (2)

"American Dream" (4)
Colt 45, Chantilly

Scene Four: Chantilly's
basement room/Chanel's penthouse

"Good Girls" (4)
Chantilly, Johnny

"Acute Anxiety" (3)
Chanel, Chantilly, Colt 45

"Lust and Greed" (1)

Scene Five: Longworth's
Department Store

"When the Going Gets Tough" (1)
Salesgirls, Shoppers, Chanel

Act Two

Scene One:
The Plainwrap Drugstore

"Movin' the Merchandise" (1)
Salegirls & Shoppers

"Johnny, Johnny" (2)

Scene Two: Basement room,
formerly Chantilly's bedroom

"SECS Sells" (3)
Buckgrueber, Johnny, SECS

Scene Three: Chanel's Penthouse

"Independent Woman" (3)

"He Got the Best of Me" (4)

Scene Four: Back at the
Basement Room

"Humanoid" (1)
SECS, Chantilly

"Now that I Have You" (5)
Chanel, Chantilly

Scene Five: Longworth's
Department Store

"Finale" (1)
Chantilly, Colt 45, Chanel,
Stan, SECS, Salesgirls, Shoppers

Arrangements by
(1) Roger Bourland,
(2) Joel Harnell,
(3) David Koz,
(4) James Christopher Reed,
(5) Sergio Rodriguez.

Drum machine programmed
by Joel Harnell.


Mr. Buckgrueber, Manager of
Longworth's Department Store
Gary Roman

Salesgirls at the Store
Kristin Jaegar
Janis Thomas
Shawn Daywalt

Chanel Longworth, Owner of the
Longworth Retail Empire
Clarolyn Maier

Johnny Jeanne,
Keith Hoshal

Colt 45, Private Investigator
Greg Dietrich

Old Stan, the Handyman
Kevin Schaeffer

SECS, Super Efficient
Computerized Salesgirl
Linda Supien

Tricia Dawe
Linda Sypien
Tarrie Allen
Larry Johnson

About the Band

The musicians responsible for arranging and performing tonight’s score are enrolled in a class devoted to performance on Electronic Instruments. All of the sounds you hear are synthesized ones, developed and arranged by this class under the guidance of Roger Bourland. The Musical Theater Workshop is proud to have their talent and creativity focus on a new piece of musical theater. While this is still an experiment, the marriage between electronic music and music theater is a major modern problem in performance that professionals have yet to solve. We are grateful to the Electronic Music Studio, the Department of Music, and the College of Fine Arts for giving us an opportunity to experiment.

We salute our Super Efficient Computer Soundmakers Joel Harnell, David Koz, James Christopher Reed, and Sergio Rodriguez with special thanks to Roger Bourland, Tom Withey (Audio Supervisor), and Jeff Richmond (Sound Technician and Technical Director).


Torrie Allen
A political science major, Torrie Allen (Shopper) has been a member of the UCLA Men’s Glee Club and made his Musical Theater Workshop debut last month in Happy 100th Birthday! Jerome Kern for the College of Fine Arts Open House.

Tricia Dawe
Tricia Dawe (Shopper), a sophomore majoring in music appeared with the Workshop last season in Hin und Zurück by Paul Hindemith and was a member of the ensemble of Puccini’s La Bohème in Royce Hall.

Shawn Daywalt
Singer-Dancer Shawn Daywalt (Chantilly) is a junior music major. At UCLA she has appeared in the American Popular Music Archive Reviews Salute to Broadway and Salute to Hollywood as well as performing the title role in Little Mary Sunshine with the Musical Theater Workshop. Shawn has appeared in dinner theater productions of West Side Story and Fiddler on the Roof. She also received first prize in the 1983 Carol Burnett Awards in Musical Theater at UCLA.

Greg Dietrich
Greg Dietrich (Colt 45) is a graduating senior majoring in English. His Musical Theater Workshop debut was in Salute to Hollywood. This past summer he was in the new musical Moby produced by the UCLA Theater Arts Department. Off campus, he has appeared in The Apple Tree and Cabaret.

Keith Hoshal
A senior communications major Keith Hoshal (Johnny) transferred to UCLA from his home state Michigan. His Musical Theater Workshop debut was in Little Mary Sunshine. Last season he performed the role of Hippolytus in Milhaud’s Liberation of Theseus and the leading role of The Fisherman in Boris Blacher’s The Tide. Keith was featured in the Theater Arts Department production of Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and was a finalist in last year’s Carol Burnett Awards.

Kristin Jaegar
Kristin Jaegar (Fabergé) is a freshman music major from Beverly Hills. She debuted in last month’s performance of Happy 100th Birthday! Jerome Kern. She is also a member of UCLA’s Cappella Choir.

Larry Johnson
Senior Larry Johnson (Shopper) has appeared in the Workshop productions of Salute to Hollywood, The Tide by Boris Blacher and sang Parpignol in the UCLA Opera Theater production of La Bohème last spring. Transferring from the Music Department to Theater Arts he also appeared in Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Clarolyn Maier
A junior music major in harp performance, Clarolyn Maier (Chanel) comes from Oregon. At UCLA she was in the ensemble of Boris Blacher’s The Tide. Clarolyn won first place in last year’s Carol Burnett Awards performing a scene from the musical Nine.

Gary Romm
Freshman Gary Romm (Buckgrueber) is a Theater Arts major and performed Billy Jester in their production of Little Mary Sunshine last summer. His Musical Theater Workshop debut was in last month’s Happy 100th Birthday! Jerome Kern.

Kevin Schaeffer
Kevin Schaeffer (Stan) appeared last year as Aegenor in Milhaud’s Abduction of Europa and in Hindemith’s Hin und Zurück. He is a senior Theater Arts major interested in directing.

Linda Sypien
Senior Linda Sypien (SECS, Shopper) majors in Theater Arts. Her Musical Theater Workshop debut was in Salute to Hollywood. Last season she performed in Milhaud’s The Liberation of Theseus and Blacher’s The Tide and was also in the ensemble of Puccini’s La Bohème in Royce Hall.

Janis Thomas
A freshman majoring in Theater Arts, Janis Thomas (Shalimar) made her Workshop debut in last month’s Happy 100th Birthday! Jerome Kern.

About the Authors

Amy Wooley Rawlings
Amy Wooley Rawlings comes from Cleveland, Ohio, where she began her musical career as a folksinger. After recording an album for MCA and being nominated for best new country artist she moved to Los Angeles and came to and was in the ensemble for Puccini’s La Bohème. She place second in the Carol Burnett Awards with a scene of original music including the song “Suits” from this musical. A sophomore majoring in musical composition, she first worked on Lust and Greed as an assignment in Gary Gardner’s playwriting course, little knowing that this assignment could turn into a project that has taken over her life. Switching from writing Lust and Greed to her counterpoint homework has added new dimension to Ms. Rawlings’ life…schizophrenia.

John Hall
John Hall has produced and directed over fifty productions of opera and musical theater at UCLA. From the modern premiere of A. Scarlatti’s Gli Equivoci nel sembiante to Kurt Weill’s The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny, his productions have shown his wide interest in different styles, periods, and types of musical theater.

His duties at UCLA allow him to direct many kinds of productions. Las month he directed the Los Angeles premiere of Handel’s opera Imeneo, three weeks later…Lust and Greed. As director of UCLA’s Musical Theater Workshop he has tried to balance producing new works with training in the classics of the genre. He has produced two revues highlighting material found in UCLA’s Archive of Popular American Music the “Salutes to Broadway and Hollywood” which were huge critical and popular successes. His basic belief is that new musical theater must be nurtured at the university as well as revivals of older standards. Which is partly how he came to co-author Lust and Greed…the other part being his love of 1960’s rock and roll.


John Hall

Scenic Design
Robert Deman

Lighting Design
Eileen Cooley

Everybody’s Closet

Musical Preparation
Amy Wooley Rawlings

Roger Bourland

Sound Design and Video
Audio Alchemy

Jessica Wodinsky

UCLA Musical Theater Workshop

John Hall

Musical Preparation
Doug Amster
Joan Colman

Movement and Basic Tap
Steve Zee


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