Il Signor Bruschino - 1970

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Il Signor Bruschino


Aunt Caroline’s Will
(Le Testament de La Tante Caroline)

The University of California at Los Angeles
The Department of Music and the
Committee on Fine Arts Productions

An Evening of Comic One-Act Operas

The UCLA Opera Workshop

Jan Popper, Director
Natalie Limonick, Associate Director

March 13, 14, 1970 - 8:15 P.M.
March 15, 1970 - 2:00 P.M.
Schoenberg Hall


Il Signor Bruschino by Giacchino Rossini (1792 - 1868). In 1813, when Il Signor Bruschino first appeared, Rossini was a mere lad of twenty, but already an old veteran of opera composition with some seven stage works to his credit. The success of his La Pietra del Paragone in 1812 had precipitated a commission for two farces from the San Moseè Theater in Venice.

Bruschino, a harmless frolic of mistaken identity, was one of the works submitted. Though eclipsed a few short months later by the reputation-founing Tancredi and Italian in Algiers, it nonetheless has enjoyed its own popularity. Jacques Offenbach presented it in a revised version at his Bouffes - Parisiens in Paris in 1857. And it even found its way into the illustrious Metropolitan Opera House with no less that di Luca and Pinza in the leading roles.

The score, which preced the great Barber of Seville by three years, sparkles with typical Rossini-isms: felicitous melodic grace, rhythmic verve, comic characterization in the vocal line, and, of course, the Rossini crescendo, that device whereby a simple motivic idea is repeated and repeated, gradually increasing in volume, until a situation is brought to a climax of fever-pitch excitement.

The overture is notorious for the tongue-in-cheek moment when the second violins use their bows to tap out a rhythm on their music stands.

In 1829, Rossini, for some inexplicable reason, laid down his creative pen forever, but by that time he had produced a total of thirty-eight operas.

Aunt Caroline’s Will: Albert Rouseel (1869 - 1937) came to music relatively late in life, having spent his early manhood in the French navy. Voyages to French Indo-China opened his eyes to Oriental culture and art, influences of which can be felt in his opera-ballet Padmavati, in his choral symphony Les Evocations, and in some of his chamber and piano music. Starting stylistically as a post-impressionist, he became neo-Classicist from 1927 on. Trained by Vincent d’Indy in the classical tradition, he later counted amongst his students “modernists” such as Erik Satie and Edgar Varèse, thus creating an interesting link to the contemporary scene. With Ravel he shared the enthusiasm for American jazz (e.g., Jazz dans la nuit, for voice and piano, 1928). His outspoken flair for dance rhythms and popular-type melody shows itself in today’s operetta, his last work for the stage. We hope you will enjoy Roussel’s excursion into the realm of light music.

Il Signor Bruschino

Il Signor Bruschino
or The Son by Chance
by Gioacchino Rossini

Text by G. M. Foppa
(Founded on a French comedy
by Alissan De Chazet and E.T. M. Ourry)

English Translation by Ian Strasfogel
English Recitatives by Natalie Limonick

Natalie Limonick

Alan Gilbert
Stage Director

Peggy Sheffield
Music Assistant

George Keyes
Scenic and Lighting Designer

Edith Johnson

Il Signor Bruschino - Cast

(in order of appearance)

Florville, the suitor of Sofia
Nicholas Pietroforte

Marianna, a maid
Adelheid Krauss

Tami Asakura

Filiberto, an innkeeper
Thomas Foreman

Gaudenzio, guardian of Sophia
Alan Gilbert

Bruschino, senior
Willam Farrell

Donald Barnum

Bruschino, junor
Robert Richardson

Timothy Krupa
Cameron MacDonald

Scene I:
The villa of Gaudenzio, during the
siesta hours on a summer day, c. 1800.

Scene II:
The following morning.

Scene III:
Later the same day.


Aunt Caroline’s Will

(Le Testament de La Tante Caroline)

Opera Comique in One Act

by Albert Rouseel

Text by Nino
Enligh Translation by Robert Gay

Jan Popper

Roy Morton
Stage Director

Jay Kohorn
Chorus Director and Music Assistant

George Keyes
Scenic and Lighting Designer

Edith Johnson

Aunt Caroline’s Will - Cast

Lucine, a nurse
Jama Laurent (March 13, 14)
Patricia Ellis (March 15)

Doctor Pathogène
Scott Oakley

Christine, sister of Beatrice
Victoria Hall

Ferdinand, salesman, husbank of Christine
Charles Bergman (March 13, 14)
Michael Landry (March 15)

Beatrice, a deaconess
Trist Hillman

Naomi, sister of Beatrice
Kathy Hunt (March 13, 14)
Janis Eckhart (March 15)

Captain Jobard, husband of Naomi
George Endsley

Noel, a chauffeur
Franz Brighthill

Master Corbeau, a notary
John Hall

Chorus of Servants

Wade Austin
Mary Barnidge
Phil Boroff
Janis Eckhart
Patricia Ellis
Deborah Kagan
Timothy Krupa
Cameron MacDonald
Aaron Mendelsohn
Virginia Mininger
Paulette Pons
Harriet Shields
Sydney Solomon
Sandee Stowe
Judie Thomas
Sona Vogel
Virginia Wood

Time: About 1900
Place: Villa of Mademoiselle Irene D’Anjou (Deceased)


Violins I
James Carpenter, Concertmaster
Norma Milson
Aida Monte
Joel Quivey
Gay Silha

Violins II
Mark Fogelquist, Principal
Leo Brager
Mary Carpenter
Irene Holland
James Moore

Barbara Kupka, Principal
Ruth Hughes
Ann Mazur

Linda Sigel, Principal
Melody Bunting
Anne Furniss

Chris Farber

Jan Harbaugh

Paul Varady (also English Horn)
Ellen Broadman

Diane Lang
Richard Gellman

Robert Sperry

French Horns
David Angus
David Linson

Robert Karon

Kenneth Sawhill

Emily Ingram

Gwendolyn Blanford


For the Sunday matinee, two-piano
accompaniment will be used
instead of the orchestra:

Il Signor Bruschino:
Natalie Limonick
Jan Popper

Aunt Caroline’s Will:
Jay Kohorn
Jan Popper


Auditorium Manager
John Stegenga

Stage Manager
Carlos Barajas

Assistant to Costume Designer
Elizabeth Endsley

Phil Lipman

Stage Assistants
Robert Biggs
Phil Procter

Elizabeth Endsley

Carol Vane

Set Construction
Dave Carey

Scenic Artist
George Keyes

Staff of the UCLA Opera Workshop

Jan Popper

Associate Director
Natalie Limonick

Stage Directors
Alan Gilbert
Roy Morton


Mario Carta Peggy Sheffield
Jay Kohorn

Italian Diction and Repertory
Mario Carta

Stage Movement and Dance
Elizabeth Ince Greenhut

Tina Wilcox

Additional Credits

Il Signor Bruschino Score
Theodore Presser Company

Aunt Caroline’s Will Score
Franco Colombo Publications

Poster Design
Barbara Gilbert

Costume Rentals
Western Costume Co.

Furniture Rentals
Cinema Props

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