Godspell - 1996

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A Musical Based Upon the Gospel of Saint Matthew

Music and New Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz
Originally Conceived and Directed by John-Michael Tebelak

Lyrics to "By My Side" by Jay Hamburger
Music to "By My Side" by Peggy Gordon
First Performance May 17, 1971, Cherry Lane Theater, N.Y.

Schoenberg Hall
Oct 11 - 13, 1996
Oct 18 - 20, 1996

Director and Producer: John Hall
Music Director: Daniel Gary Busby
Choreographer: Carlos Jones
Set and Props: Robert Deman
Lighting Design: Dave Muller
Musical Preparation: Joan Colman Hoytt


From the director...

Twenty-five years ago, a couple of young students at Carnegie-Mellon University got their big break. Godspell, their drama project at school, was picked up by backers and sent to Broadway where it sold lots and lots of tickets. It still does.

Today, however, the show seems to be a tiny "time capsule" from 1971. The words and music of Stephen Schwartz seem to outline the pop tune styles of that year. It's like he had an entire 70s juke-box in his head when he wrote his songs. There's a great "Judy Collins/Joan Baez" folk ballad, a vaudeville number, a funky, get down kind of "Laura Nyro" groove thang, a Yee-Haw! country number and even a sweet and sincere "Burt Bacharachy" jazz-waltz tune in the mix. Some of the fun of the show is identifying these little nuggets of cultural history.

Choreographer Carlos Jones and I even went one step further. Since each of the show's numbers were distinct units, we had fun paying tribute to different Broadway choreographers. If you watch closely, you'll find an "hommage" or two to Michael Kidd, Bob Fosse, Agnes de Mille and even Kathryn Dunham in the witty movement by Mr. Jones.

Godspell is presented by special arrangement with Theatre Maximus.

Musical Numbers

Act One

Prologue/Tower of Babel

Jennifer Kelly (Socrates)
Paul Green (Thomas Aquinas)
Kristy Grant (Martin Luther)
Karlan Judd (Leonardo da Vinci)
Julia Rosenblatt (Thomas Gibbon)
Tyson Sheedy (Friedrich Nietzsche)
Jennifer Hall (Jean-Paul Sartre)
Michael Shapiro (Buckminster Fuller)

"Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord"
Juan Garcia (John the Baptist) and Company

"Save the People"
John Ferdenzi (Jesus) and Company

"Day By Day"
Teresa Marie Sanchez and Company

"Learn Your Lessons Well"
Tyson Sheedy

"Bless the Lord"
Sierra Rein, Roya Hekmat and Company

"All For The Best"
John Ferdenzi and Eric Greene

"All Good Gifts"
Karlan Judd and Company

"Light of the World"
Eric Greene
Colin Ebeling
Maria Eberline
Tom Lenk

Act Two

"Turn Back, O Man"
Maria Eberline and John Ferdenzi

"Alas For You"
John Ferdenzi

"By My Side"
Susannah Hall and Jennifer Kelly

"We Beseech Thee"
Will Pellegrini, Juan Garcia and Company

"On the Willows"
Will Pellegrini, Susannah Hall and Jennifer Kelly

John Ferdenzi and Company


Colin Ebeling
Maria T. Eberline
John Ferdenzi
Juan Garcia
Kristy Grant
Paul Green
Eric Greene
Jennifer K. Hall
Susannah Hall
Roya Hekmat

Jennifer Kelly
Thomas L. Lenk
Eric Martin
Will Pellegrini
Sierra A. R. Rein
Julia B. Rosenblatt
Kelsey Ryan
Teresa Sanchez
Matthew Shapiro
Tyson Sheedy

The Band

Daniel Gary Busby

Colin Shipman

Brian Boyce

Brian Reardon

Dave Pinto


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