Flora, the Red Menace - 1997

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Flora, the Red Menace

Book by David Thompson, Lyrics by Fred Ebb
Music by John Kander/Based Upon the Novel
"Love is Just Around the Corner" by Lester Atwell
Originally adapted by George Abbott

Schoenberg Hall, UCLA
May 15 - 18, 1997

Produced and Directed by John Hall
Musical Direction by Gary Busby
Scenic Design by Robert Deman
Lighting Design by David Paul
Choreography by Carlos Jones


Flora, the Red Menace is the musical that John Kander and Fred Ebb wrote in 1965, just before they started on their award winning musical Cabaret. Flora lasted only eighty-seven performances on Broadway, but it captured the Tony for it's young star Liza Minnelli for her portrayal of Flora, the would-be fashion designer, who joins the Communist party to please her boyfriend.

The show has some wonderful numbers including "Sing Happy" and "A Quiet Thing" which is one of the composer's favorite songs. Flora, the Red Menace has long been a cult favorite for it's strong score and Kander and Ebb have revised the piece for a second look at one of their early endeavors for the American Musical stage.

Musical Numbers

Act One

New York City - 1935


Scene One
"Opening/Graduation Song"

Scene Two
Garret and Mellick's Department Store
"The Kid Herself"
Flora, Artists

Scene Three
The Street

Scene Four
The Studio
"All I Need is One Good Break"
Flora's Friends

"It's Not Every Day Of The Week"
Flora, Harry

Scene Five
The Park
"Sign Here"

Scene Six
The Studio

Scene Seven
“Mr. Stanley's Verse"
Mr. Stanley

"A Quiet Thing"

Scene Eight
Communist Party Meeting
"The Flame"
Charlotte, Communists

Scene Nine
The Studio
Reprise: "It's Not Every Day Of The Week"
Flora, Harry

Scene Ten
An elevator at Garret and Mellick's

Scene Eleven
The Studio
"Dear Love"
Flora, Company

Act Two

Scene One
The Studio
"Keepin' It Hot”
Kenny, Maggie

Scene Two
Harry's Room
"Express Yourself"

"Where Did Everybody Go?"
Harry, Flora, Charlotte

Scene Three
The Studio

Scene Four
The Studio, the next day
"You Are You"
Mr. Weiss, Elsa, Flora

Scene Five
The Street
"The Joke"
Harry, Company

Scene Six
Mr. Stanley's Office

Scene Seven
The Studio
"Sing Happy"


Flora Meszaros -
a young fashion illustrator
Teresa Marie Sanchez (May 15, 17)
Maria Eberline (May 16, 18)

Harry Toukarian -
a shy young artist
Tom Lenk (May 15, 17)
Adam Harrington (May 16, 18)

Charlotte -
a Communist Party zealot
Devon Kelly (May 15, 17)
Trisha Rapier (May 16, 18)

Willy and others -
a songwriter who plays the clarinet
Kelvin Yu (May15, 17)
Will Pellegrini (May 16, 18)

Mr. Weiss and others -
a jeweler and former Communist
Tom McMahon (May 15, 17)
Eric Martin (May 16, 18)

Elsa and others -
an aspiring dress designer
Karen Ann Daniels (May 15, 17)
Jill Simonian (May 16, 18)

Kenny and others -
a young dancer with ambition
Brian Bennitt

Maggie and others -
a transplanted Okie who loves to dance
Jenny Vaughn (May 15, 17)
Melissa Lyons (May 16, 18)

Mr. Stanley and others -
the 'perfect' Department store exec
Patrick Bell (May 15, 17)
Kelsey Ryan (May 16, 18)


Gary Busby

Colin Shipman

Shuichi Komiyama

Brian Boyce


John Hall

Gary Busby
Teaching Associate

Joan Colman-Hoytt
Musical Preparation

Carlos Jones

Stage Manager
Diane Connor

Kathleen Moon

We would like to thank Ed Richmond of the UCLA Film Archive for making the 1935 Newsreel Footage available to us and the to the staff of the Powell Library Media Center for their assistance in presenting this valuable resource. Thanks also to Brendan, Juan, Karen Ann, Coop, Mr. Guy, John Hayes, Nancy Papalexis, Leslie, and others unnamed for assisting us with this production. Finally, we would like to thank the Maxwell H. Gluck Foundation without whose support for the performing artists at UCLA this production would not be possible.


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