Babes in Arms - 2000

program cover

The UCLA Music Theater Workshop presents

The 1937 Musical Comedy
Babes in Arms

Music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics by Lorenz Hart
Book by Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart

Scenic Design by Robert Deman
Costume Design by Yoli Bennett
Lighting Design by Eileen Cooley
Conducted by Stephen Tucker
Choreography by Carlos Jones
Directed by John Hall


About Babes in Arms…

Babes in Arms opened on Broadway at the Shubert Theater on April 14, 1937.
For a show that has more hit Rodgers and Hart songs than any other, Babes in Arms has had a strange performance career. Blame it on the unwieldy book. It was Rodgers and Hart's first attempt to write their own. Blame it on the movie. The 1939 Mickey and Judy show directed by Busby Berkley did away with most of the plot and retained only two of the show's songs from the original score. Blame it on the ballets. Producers were very hesitant to try these extended dance numbers without George Ballanchine, the original choreographer. Blame it on World War II and changing tastes in American Music Theater. Rodgers and Hammerstein's groundbreaking Oklahoma! Made the antics of 'let's put on a show in the barn' passé. Though Babes in Arms returned $474, 000 on an investment of $55,000 (competing with Cole Porter's Red Hot and Blue with Durante and Merman in the leads, the anti war musical Johnny Johnson by Paul Green and Kurt Weill, and the Broadway debut of Gypsy Rose Lee in The Ziegfeld Follies that same year) Babes seemed destined to remain forgotten on the shelf. Except those hit songs wouldn't die.

In 1959 there appeared a totally rewritten and reorchestrated Babes in Arms. George Oppenheimer supplied a new book that moved the action to a summer stock theater, eliminating the ballets and changing the order of the songs. This became the only version available for performance until 1987 when a concert performance at the Library of Congress restored the wonderful original orchestrations by Hans Spialek. Next, Aubrey Berg, the director of the Music Theater Program at the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music worked to edit the original libretto, removing some racial references that were offensive by modern standards but maintaining the script as Rodgers and Hart has planned. In 1998 CCM presented the original 1937 Broadway version of Babes in Arms after an absence of sixty years. It is that restored original version of the show you will see at UCLA. – John Hall

This production is presented through special arrangement with the Rodgers & Hammerstein Theatre Library, 229 West 28th Street, 11th Floor, New York 10001

This production of "Babes in Arms" is made possible by the kind support of the Maxwell Gluck Foundation and a generous gift from Tony and Debbie Hall. The UCLA School of Arts and Architecture and the UCLA Department of Music wish to thank these donors for their belief in the young talent at UCLA. If you are interested in supporting UCLA's Music Theater Workshop, you can contact the office of the School of Arts and Architecture at (310) 825 – 2512.



Left on their own in the depths of the Depression (their Vaudevillian parents have gone on the road trying to earn some money) Val and Marshall resent they will have to go to the Work Farm as public charges. The local Sheriff tells Val he has no choice but to leave his home and report to the Farm. When Val meets the intriguing, out of work "tramp" Billie Smith (Where or When) they decide to try to find a way to stay off the Work Farm and retain their independence. Val and Marshall call a meeting of their Seaport, Long Island school friends to come up with a plan to keep their freedom (Babes in Arms)

Rich kid Lee Calhoun scoffs at their ideas of self government and the meeting is adjourned. Local kids Gus Fielding and Dolores Reynolds (the Sheriff's daughter) complain about their on again-off again romance (I Wish I Were in Love Again) when the Sheriff arrives to tell the kids to start packing for the Work Farm. Instead, they all convince him to give them a week to put on a show, sell tickets and earn their own way. It's the "American Dream." Two young dancers Irving and Ivory DeQuincy are eager to be in the show and rehearse their dance number (Light On Their Feet)

The arrival of the "out of work and over the hill" child star Baby Rose guarantees a draw for their show (Way Out West), but Lee Calhoun, who is "producer" of the show refuses to let the DeQuincys perform because of their race. Frustrated with having to compromise is the only way to get his show on the boards and the gang off the Work Farm (My Funny Valentine). At the dress rehearsal for the Egyptian finale of their home grown "Calhoun Follies" (Johnny One-Note)

Tempers flare when Val refuses to allow Lee to keep the DeQuincy kids from performing. He socks Lee on the jaw and sends the DeQuincy's on-stage (Johnny One- Note Ballet) only to lose his funding and his chance for freedom.


At the Work Farm, Baby Rose and the gang try to keep their spirits up (Imagine). The relationship between Billie and Val has grown into romance and they tease each other about their childish behavior (All At Once). Some hope arrives when Peter shows up with money won in the Irish Sweepstakes. As a good "Communist" Peter is expected to share his winnings, but he decides to change his ideology and leave the Work Farm and see the world. Disappointed, the gang leaves Peter to dream about his future (Peter's Journey Ballet)

In his fantasy, Peter leaves his "girl next door" and travels to Russia to experience his communal ideal first hand. Disillusioned with the boring repetition he finds in that society, he escapes and tours Europe ending up in an expensive Casino where he loses his money. Broke, he joins the Navy and is shipwrecked on a desert isle where his vision of that "girl next door" is transformed into a mythical and elusive Siren of the Sea. He then dances the night away only to be set upon by her paramour and his gang. His journey then flashes by in a series of surreal images. Still haunted by his love for the "girl next door" Peter dreams of marrying her but his dream dissolves leaving Peter alone and bewildered.

Feeling sorry for his public charges, Sheriff Reynolds decides to throw a party to celebrate the landing of the famous French aviator Rene Flambeau who is racing from Paris to Newark that evening. Since Val's field has the best view to see this historic event they hold the party there. Smitten with Val's basic honesty and integrity, Billie decides to stay with him and give up her "hobohemian" lifestyle (The Lady is a Tramp)

Our other couple, Gus and Dolores also seem to have cemented their relationship (You Are So Fair) and the party listens to the historic flight of Rene Flambeau on the radio.Instead of flying to Newark, Flambeau makes a forced landing on Val's field and is knocked unconscious. Seizing his opportunity, Val impersonates the unconscious Flambeau shamelessly plugging Seaport as a world center for aviation and his talented young performers on the radio broadcast. When the Sheriff organizes a party to celebrate the landing of the famous aviator in Seaport, Lee Calhoun gets a chance to speak with the real Flambeau. It seems that Val's efforts to stay off the Work Farm could get him arrested.

At the local celebration, Rene Flambeau (who has been told of Val's ruse by Lee Calhoun) could explain the true story of his landing and all will be lost. Billie quickly improvises a series of entertainments honoring Flambeau. Watching the talented young performers, Flambeau realizes what has happened and decides to join forces with the kids. He tells them to follow their dreams and put on their show in "ze barn"! (Finale).

Musical Numbers

The action takes place in Seaport, Long Island sometime during the Great Depression

Act One

The UCLA Philharmonia

"Where or When"
Val and Billie

"Babes in Arms"
the Kids

"I Wish I Were in Love Again"
Gus and Dolores

"Light On Our Feet"
Irving, Ivory and Beauregard

"Way Out West"
Baby Rose and the Gang

"My Funny Valentine"

"Johnny One-Note"
Baby Rose

"Johnny One-Note Ballet"
the Kids

Entr acte

Act Two

The UCLA Philharmonia

Baby Rose and the Gang

"All At Once"
Gus and Dolores

"Peter's Journey Ballet"
Peter and the Kids

"The Lady is a Tramp"

"Your Are So Fair"
Gus and Dolores

Specialty Acts
Gus and Dolores
Baby rose
Irving and Ivory

Finale Ultimo
the Company


The Kids

Valentine LaMar - our hero
Larry Long (2/25,26,27)
Todd Caleca (3/3,4,5)

Billie Smith – our heroine
Amanda Blatchford (2/25,26,27)
Jill Simonian (3/3,4,5)

Marshall Blackstone – Val's Best friend
Gavin Beebe

Dolores Reynolds – the Sheriff's daughter
Amber East
Leah Sprecher

Gus Fielding – a forceful friend of Val's
Cameron Matthews
Jeff Wiesen

Baby Rose – a former Hollywood child star
Julia Faussone
Kate Gersten

Irving DeQuincy – half of a dance team
Carlos Jones

Ivory DeQuincy – the other half
Terrica Banks

Peter – who believes in Communism
Jonathan Neely

Lee Calhoun – the son of a rich
Southern Colonel
Reid Lee

Beauregard Calhoun –
Lee's younger brother
Todd Stern

The Gang – a singing quartet
Dennis Beasley
Brian Crano
Joe Santiago
Josh Silberman

Abby – the girl next door
Abigail Hencmann
Katy – an aspiring costume designer
Kendra Doyle

Marge – a botanist
Willow Geer

Sam – the Sheriff's son
Jeff Parker

Elizabeth – a student
Courtney Pope

Pogo – a tomboy
Merissa Shunk

Betty – a dreamer
Daria Somers

Bob – an actor
Frank Moran

Mary – an optimist
Lori Beth Switzer

Veronica – a hard worker
Carin White

The Adults

Dan LaMar – Val's dad, a vaudevillian
Frank Moran

Maizie LaMar – Val's mom, a vaudevillian
Lori Beth Switzer

Nat Blackstone –
Marshall's dad, a vaudevillian
Dennis Beasley

Emma Blackstone –
Marshall's mom, a vaudevillian
Courtney Pope

Sheriff Reynolds -
Eric Leviton

Rene Flambeau – famous French aviator
Todd Caleca
Larry Long

Phil McCabe – a radio announcer
Joe Santiago


Stephen Tucker, Conductor

Violin I
Dorothy Kwon, Jennifer Takamatsu,
Esder Ko, Julia Kim,
Cynthia Determan, Andrew Lee

Violin II
Edwin I, Pricilla Luke, Nicole Chungfat, David Lee, So-Hyun Lee,
Kelly Kawaoka

Giovanna Moraga, Sy-Chih Yang,
Abe Liebhaber, Naoko Maruko

Daniel Thorp

Ethan Lin

Oboe/English Horn
Lupine Reppert

Alto Sax/Flute/Clarinet
Taylor Jordan

Alto Sax/Clarinet
Daniel Won

Tenor Sax/Clarinet
David Brennan

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
Jordan Richmond

Mike Gorham, Leah Goldman, Ian Souter

Ben Reuben

Brian Boyce, Jessica Johnson,
Chris Thompson

Danny Feldman

Kristal Bang

Assistant Conductor
Brian Hamilton


Terrica Banks (Ivory/Assistant Choreographer)
Terrica Banks began her studies at the University of California at Irvine where she worked with renowned dancer Sean Greene of the Bella Lewitzky company and was a member of dance icon Donald McKayle's "Etude Ensemble." Appearances include Lula Washington Dance Theater, Carlos Jones & Company, Erin White Landry and Dancers, Pat Taylor's Jazz Antiqua, Delane Vaughn's Miles Davis Story, and a featured dance segment on Herbie Hancock's Living Jazz CD-ROM.

Dennis Beasley (Quartet/Ensemble)
Dennis is a second year theater major in the Ray Bolger Musical Theater Program. He hails from Gilroy, California, the garlic capital of the world. Dennis is a baseball aficionado and roots tirelessly for the San Francisco Giants.

Gavin Beebe (Marshall)
Currently a second year theater major, Gavin has been featured in various films, commercials, voice-overs, industrial advertisements, and printwork, as well as over forty theatrical productions throughout California and New York. Recent credits include Mickey in "Blood Brothers" and the Lawyer in last year's MFA Theater production "Mirrors Looking Down."

Amanda Blatchford (Billie)
Amanda is a graduating senior in the World Arts and Cultures Department at UCLA. She has enjoyed participating in Musical Theater Workshop for three years; playing Little Red in their production of "Into The Woods," the infamous Princess #12 in last year's "Once Upon a Mattress" directed by Carol Burnett, and participating in the Carol Burnett Awards competition in the spring of 1998. She wishes to thank John Hall for the opportunities and direction he has given and her parents for their unending love and support. Amanda dedicates this performance to Bob C., forever her source of "guts and luck."

Todd J. Caleca (Val)
Todd is a first year Vocal major who enjoys both opera and musical theater. "Babes in Arms" marks Todd's debut performance here at UCLA. Other credits include the Tin Man in "The Wizard of Oz," John the Baptist in "Godspell," and Cain/Japheth in "Children of Eden." He wishes to thank his family, friends, and cast for all of their love and support. Remember: "Sing out loud, sing out strong, what the heck sing all day long."

Brian Crano (Quartet/Ensemble)
Brian is a first year theater student here at UCLA. His favorite roles include: Romeo, Claude in "Hair," Ernst in "Cabaret," and Jack in "The Boys Next Door." Thank you.

Kendra Doyle (Ensemble)
Kendra Doyle, a freshman theater major from Sacramento, California enjoys singing, dancing, and acting. Her past experience includes: Rosie in "Bye, Bye, Birdie," Dorothy in "The Wiz," Esther in "Meet me in St. Louis," and Marian in "The Music Man. " This is Kendra's first production at UCLA, and she is looking forward to many more in the future.

Amber East (Dolores)
After performing in "Once Upon a Mattress" directed by Carol Burnett, this is Amber's second musical at UCLA. Other recent roles include Christina in "Dancing at Lughnasa," Ellen in "The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail," and Zaneeta in "The Music Man." Thanks to John, Carlos, Stephen, Nancy, Liz, and of course, her family.

Julia Faussone (Baby Rose)
Julia Faussone is a third year theater student with a specialization in Musical Theater. Favorite shows include: "Into the Woods" as Little Red, "Cabaret" as Sally Bowles, "Bells are Ringing" with Reprise!, and "Once Upon a Mattress" directed by Carol Burnett. Julia has been active in professional theater in the Bay area and is ready to explore Los Angeles! She would like to thank her amazing family for their never-ending love and support.

Tova Fuller (Ensemble)
Tova Fuller is overly excited to be performing in "Babes in Arms." A second year cybermetics major, Tova has been dancing since second grade, and competed throughout middle and high school. She also savored the time she spent in her "State Champion" concert choir and hometown of Valparaiso (Indiana, not Chile!!) showchoir. However, her ultimate goal is to become the Patch Adams of Neurosurgery.

Willow Geer (Ensemble)
A native L.A. girl, Willow Geer graduated from Alexander Hamilton Academy of Music last year and is now enjoying her freshmanhood here at UCLA as a theater major. Throughout her life she has drifted between drama and musical theater, and "Babes in Arms" has pulled her into singing and dancing once again. She wants to thank her mom and dad for their love, support, and money.

Kate Gersten (Baby Rose)
A native of lower Manhattan, Kate Gersten is a third year theater major whose credits include Annie in "The Miracle Worker," Honey in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf," and two seasons of the Joffrey "Nutcracker" (many, many moons ago). This is Kate's fourth quarter in Musical Theater Workshop, including last year's "Once Upon a Mattress" and she's delighted to be working with such friendly and talented folks. Kate dedicates her performance to a new angel, Stefani.

Abigail Hencmann (Girl Next Door/Ensemble)
Abby is a first year World Arts and Culture student at UCLA, and has been performing since age six. Her credits extend to semi-professional and professional work. Her future plans include studying abroad, focusing on a theatrical major and expanding on all academic possibilities here at UCLA.

Reid Lee (Lee)
Reid Lee is making his first appearance in the UCLA Musical Theater Workshop in "Babes in Arms." He is a first year voice major with a concentration in performance. He hopes to pursue a career in Music Performance, and someday return to his native Texas.

Eric Leviton (Sheriff)
Eric graduated from UCLA in 1989. He had the pleasure of playing Charley Kringas in "Merrily We Roll Along" and Mike in "A Chorus Line" while he was here at UCLA. Since graduation, Eric has had the opportunity to do theater all over the country as well as London Theater: Sohovik in "Damn Yankees" with Jerry Lewis (National Tour and London); Dr. Scott/Eddie in "The Rocky Horror Show" with David Arquette (Tiffany Theater); Cowardly Lion in "The Wizard of Oz" (McCoy/Rigby, for which he won a Drama-Logue award, and Sacramento Music Circus). TV: "Beverly Hills 90210," "Annie," and "The Others." Eric is also a member and on the Board of Directors of the Musical Theater Guild, which does staged readings of musicals at the Pasadena Playhouse.

Larry Long (Val)
Larry is enjoying his third year as a Theater Arts major here at UCLA. Previously he has had the good fortune to play the roles of Cinderella's Prince/Wolf in "Into the Woods," and Sir Harry in last year's "Once Upon a Mattress" directed by Carol Burnett. Larry would like to thank John Hall for the opportunity to play Val, and for all their appreciated support: Mom and Dad, his family and friends back home in Stockton, Gary B., Gary G., Carlos, Nick, Joe S., and his sweetheart Kristy. Thanks!

Cameron Matthews (Gus)
Cameron is currently a first year theater major thrilled to be making his UCLA musical debut in "Babes in Arms." Outside of school, he performs at Disneyland portraying characters such as Merlin and Goofy in Fantasmic! Favorite roles include Cornelius (Hello, Dolly!) and Frederic (Pirates of Penzance).

Frank M. Moran (Ensemble)
Frank M. Moran is a junior and a theater major making his UCLA debut. He just completed a very successful run in Civic Light Opera of South Bay Cities' "Singin' in the Rain." San Diego credits include "Chess," "Anything Goes," and "The Mikado."

Jonathan Neeley (Peter)
A native of Kentuckey, Jonathan found his love for the musical theater in San Jose, CA where he appeared in shows such as "Music Man," "42nd Street," "Mame," "Hello, Dolly!" and "Crazy for You." At UCLA, he has been seen in "A Chorus Line," "Once Upon a Mattress," "Our Town," and "Jesus Christ Superstar." A theater major here, Jonathan is proud to be a part of "Babes in Arms," which marks his third quarter in the Musical Theater Workshop.

Jeff Parker (Sam)
Jeff is a freshman theater major who hopes to focus in acting and directing in the near future, as well as composition. As a composer, Jeff has written the books and music to "Porn Star," "The Care Bears Musical," and "Archie!" (which will be release on CD in July).

Courtney Pope (Ensemble)
Courtney is new to UCLA, but certainly not new to the stage. Originally from the San Diego area, she has performed in theaters throughout the country. Some of her favorite productions have been Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Cinderella," and "Once Upon a Mattress" for Lamb's Players theater in Coronado. She would like to thank her God given best friend - her mom and dad.

Joe Santiago (Phil McCabe/Quartet/Ensemble)
Joe was last seen at Utah Musical Theater as Lun Tha in "The King & I," and the Minstrel in "Once Upon a Mattress," a show he had previously done at UCLA music theater where he played Sir Harry under the direction of Carol Burnett. He is enjoying his last stretch at UCLA (finally!) with a degree in Biology and a minor in English, and is a past winner of the Carol Burnett Awards. Other credits include The Wolf/Cinderella's Prince in "Into the Woods," and Agwe in "Once on this Island."

Merissa Shunk (Ensemble)
Merissa is a second year theater major hoping to pursue a career as a teacher or director. She'd like to thank her parents, Raty, Whit, Cori, Jillian, Alison and Del for their continued love and support.

Joshua Silberman (Quartet/Ensemble)
Josh is a third year Computer Science major here at UCLA in the School of Engineering. He has been in musical theater here for his past two years, appearing in both "Into the Woods" and "Once Upon a Mattress." And that's all for now...

Jill Simonian (Billie)
While majoring in Communications, Jill has enjoyed performing in UCLA Workshop productions and various Civic Light Opera companies in the Los Angeles area. Favorite credits include: Cinderella in "Into the Woods," Patsy in "Crazy for You," and "Once Upon a Mattress" (directed by Carol Burnett). Jill sings the National Anthem for UCLA sporting events, and was 2nd Runner-Up and Talent Award winner at the Miss California Pageant (Miss America Organization) last June.

Daria Somers (Ensemble)
Daria is currently a freshman in UCLA's Theater Department. Her professional credits include "The Boys From Syracuse" and "Of Thee I Sing" with the Reprise! series and recording for Musical Theater International. She plans to pursue a career in musical theater and opera.

Leah Sprecher (Dolores)
Leah Sprecher is a first year theater student from Big Bear, California. Her past experience includes Cassie in "A Chorus Line," and Fairy in "A Curious Savage." She hopes all of you beautiful people enjoy the show.

Todd Stern (Beauregard)
Todd Stern is a sophomore musical theater major at UCLA, and hails from Calabasas (yes, that's in "The Valley") having transferred here from Emerson College in Boston. Todd is having the time of his life here at UCLA. He wishes to thank his family, friends, and the entire cast, crew, and creative staff of "Babes in Arms" for their wonderful support and love.

Lori Beth Switzer (Ensemble)
Lori Beth Switzer is making her UCLA debut with "Babes in Arms." She loves musical theater and has been performing for years. Her life goal is to use theater to help children from abusive homes.

Carin White (Ensemble)
A second year voice major, Carin received 1st place in the Rotary International "Singer of the Year" competition and in the Southwestern Youth Music Festival. She will study voice next year in Italy.

Jeff Wiesen (Ensemble)
Jeff is currently a sophomore studying musical theater in the School of Theater, Film and Television. He most recently performed in "Fiorello!" with Reprise productions and he appeared last year in UCLA's "Once Upon a Mattress." Jeff was a recipient of a Carol Burnett award and he hopes that you will all come to see him in "Fahrenheit 451" in the spring.


Producer & Director
John Hall

Assistant Director
David Gerson

Musical Director
Stephen Tucker

Assistant Conductor
Brian Hamilton

Musical Coaching
Joan Colman Hoytt
Danny Feldman
Kristal Bang

Scenic Artist
Robert Deman

Set Construction
Sets To Go

Costume Assistance
Alexa Steffen
Missy Becker
Mary Margaret Becker
Jennifer Hall
Kelly and Holly Bennett

Theater Manager
Diane Connor

Kathleen Moon


Sound Engineer
Drew Aldridge

Assistant Sound Engineer
Keith Endo

Master Carpenter
Arthur Trowbridge

Master Electrician
Ellen Monocroussos

Stage Hands
Barry Hogan
Steve Mack
Jennifer Gervais

Danny Feldman
Courtney Pope
Dan Martin
Jon Ritchie

UCLA School of the Arts
and Architecture

Daniel Neuman, Dean

UCLA Department of Music
Jon Robertson, Chair


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